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Martin Frommelt | Cycles

The concept of the serial arrangement and visual presentation of theme-centred content as well as the creation of books consisting of graphic sequences enables the artist to become more aware of his artistic options.

In this context Martin Frommelt takes a specific interest in graphic printing as a possibility for the repetition of motives with variations. This allows for the assimilation and modulation of ideas in a narrative sequence. He sees the involvement with a subject over several years as the greatest challenge, reminiscent of an expedition with an unknown goal and outcome.

The works Apocalypse, Vähtreb-Viehtrieb and CREATION are combined into a trilogy and are an essential part of the oeuvre of Martin Frommelt.

The Apocalypse according to John

Woodcuts by Martin Frommelt

A limited edition of 30, each consisting of 131 prints, in a case made of wood and steel,
print size 76 x 53 cm

Martin Frommelt:
"My main focus was the dissection of the composition, the inclusion of white, the leaping out of the frame. Brightness became ever more important."

"I consider this work to be essential for my development. It was not the refinement of the graphics nor a closed, harmonious ideal of beauty relating to the material which was decisive, but rather the possibility to reflect on proposals and ideas within a broad theme, which in turn was meant to include venues for development."

Vähtreb/ Viehtrieb (Cattle Drive)

(1974-1986) The reality of the people and their animals – an alpine community sharing the same fate, are presented simultaneously in images and in abstract form within a scarcely delineated space.

Vähtreb / Viehtrieb was conceived not as an allusion to any text, but from real-life experiences. It is a down to earth reflection, focusing on the instincts that drive animals and man.

This sequence of graphics comprises 135 pages – 122 are designed copper prints, 3 are non-designed copper prints and 10 are blank. Vähtreb - Viehtrieb was printed in 1985 as a limited edition of 30 at Max Dunkes' intaglio studio in Munich, numbered and signed by the artist.

10 sets in the paper format 76 x 53 cm, numbered I to X in a wooden case

20 sets in the format 39,5 x 53 cm, numbered 1-20, bound in leather


Five Constellations on Genesis (1989-1999)

The focus of this extensive opus is evolution. Martin Frommelt tries to join matter and the transcendental rather than separating them. In the five constellations comprising this oeuvre the use of colour is of prime importance.

214 pages, colour etchings, paper format 80 x 120 cm, as a portfolio in five cassettes, with texts by Rupert Riedl, Vienna.

Constellation I Space, Order and Time, Constellation II Networks and Forces, Constellation III Elements and the Sensuous, Constellation IV Messages and Meaning, Constellation V Transcendence and Reflection