Martin Frommelt


Paintings 2011 - a few samples
Some samples from 2012


Martin Frommelt | recent works


At his temporary summer studio, an old metalworking shop, Martin Frommelt created a number of large paintings. They are done as freely hung canvases without supporting structure. The cotton canvases received a white acrylic undercoat and were painted with acrylic paint. Most were stored at a depot. Some of the large paintings, measuring ten and more square meters, were permanently integrated into preexisting works of architecture.


Again the old metalworking shop served as a studio for several months. Martin Frommelt´s main focus in this period was on consciously sorting through ideas coming out of his large cycle of etchings "CREATION - Five Constellations on Genesis" (1989-1999). Painting allowed for different, more adaptable solutions in conveying themes that were already touched upon in this previous work. The formats for the plywood boards used here was mostly 242 by 162 cm, with a few exceptions.