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Martin Frommelt | Art in the public space

In his works in the public space Martin Frommelt moves between an intensive preoccupation with the understanding of art during important historical periods and today's discourse in architecture and spatial planning.

While growing up, he had the opportunity of acquiring a feeling for skillful craftsmanship at his parents' carpentry workshop. While at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris he was especially interested in working at the fresco studio and in stained-glass window workshops as well as in sculpture and in the exchange of ideas with students of architecture. He collaborated in an important series of mosaics destined for South America under the supervision of several of the craftsmen working on the large mosaic at Gas de France. This served as a good preparation for his own work.

For a few years Martin Frommelt taught design in the architecture classes of the Liechtensteinischen Ingenieurschule (now University of Liechtenstein) in Vaduz.

He has never commissioned others with the actual execution of his works.